My Artwork – on plates – at ANTHROPOLOGIE

Ummm….  I designed a collection of plates for Anthropologie.

let me calmly repeat that…



What a fun process that was.  I had a special moment a couple weeks ago when I walked into @anthropologie and stumbling upon a collection of the plates I designed! I was happy to see several letters of the alphabet gone/nearly sold out! How exciting!

Guys, I have to tell you, when the lovely ladies at Anthro emailed me about a possible partnership it was during a pretty down time for me. I was dealing with (then) unexplained hearing problems and feeling the adrenaline dip post-holidays pretty hard. I remember feeling elated and encouraged within seconds of reading that email – like a dream coming true and washing over me in a rush. Because every now and then, dreams do come true. They really, really do. Keep dreaming.


PS. You can find the full collection here

File Jan 14, 12 38 39 AM

File Jan 14, 12 40 59 AMFile Jan 14, 12 39 50 AMIMG_6599