Welcome to Beautiful Hello Blog!  My name is Emily Jeffords and I am an artist and writer currently living in the beautiful downtown of Greenville, SC.

You can learn more about me & my work on my website: www.EmilyJeffords.com

I believe being an artist and designer is far more than a day job, it is a way of life.  Creativity require so much love, support, exploration, discovery, and expression.  And that is what Beautiful Hello Blog is all about.  This is a place to inspire creativity and to discuss the ins-and-outs of life as a maker, designer, artist, and creator.  This is a place where we can encourage each other to view the world differently through art.

This is a beautiful place.  You will never find disturbing, nude, degrading, or disrespectful images on this blog.  I want this blog to be the place you come to gain inspiration and refreshment and I hope you find it as satisfying and rewarding as I do!

And that’s me!  Now tell me about yourself!




If you are interested in sponsoring Beautiful Hello Blog please email me!  I love sharing a brand’s mission and passion with my readers organically, naturally, and honestly.  Emily @ BeautifulHelloBlog . com

Beautiful Hello Blog | Emily Jeffords Studio
Beautiful Hello Blog | Emily Jeffords Studio

My creative life completely intersects with my life as a mother and wife.  I have two sweet little girls and am married to a web developer / Air Force analyst.   These people inspire me to become the best, most creative version of myself.

Beautiful Hello Blog | Emily Jeffords Studio Email


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