Creativity + Motherhood

In the end,
I am the
Only one
Who can
Give my
Children a
I hopped over to Charleston for the weekend (with my little travel buddy!) to get some rest, relaxation, and writing time. I’m working through ideas about creativity & motherhood (and allllll that messy goodness). I know this is something you guys are interested in because I get the sweetest, most heartfelt DM’s and emails about it EVERY DAY. I hear you. I get it. Creativity is messy, and motherhood is messy, so how do you remain a sane, happy, fulfilled human while mixing the two? Is it even possible? How do you get in the zone? How do you keep your kids out of your creations as you’re working? How do you manage to speak kindly to all those 1000 questions when all you want is some loud music and creative flow? For that matter, how do you actually get into the studio at all??? I UNDERSTAND ALL THESE QUESTIONS — so deeply. This is my life. Every day. And I’m happy to humbly share all the things I’ve learned along the way thus far.

Art + Motherhood can & should co-exist.  Humanity is better for it.


I am working on a full and practical guide to blending the artist’s life + motherhood.  Stay tuned as this project comes together over the next couple months!  


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photos by Julia Sears

Emily Jeffords

Most days you can find me, in the studio with my little girls, speckled in oil paint (drinking too much coffee), creating artwork for collectors around the world and collaborating with select brands. Check out my artwork on

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