Painting-A-Day for my birthday!

I feel so silly writing that title “…for my birthday” – like a 6 year old proudly puffing up my chest and beaming that *I* am a full year older than I used to be.  It’s a comical picture in my mind and makes me blush.

But last year, when I turned 30, I decided to commemorate the year by painting 30 new paintings in 30 days.  Something really interesting happens when you do something challenging every single day: you force yourself to grow.  There are waves of inspiration and fear/apathy that you oscillate between – each day has it’s own mental challenges and victories.   But growth, with it’s invigorating moments and deep uncertainty, opens new paths and kindly reminds me that you are able.  You can do challenging things.


So, I decided to do the painting-a-day challenge again for my 31st birthday!    Some lovely successes have come of it – some pieces that I am truly proud of and have learned something from – and other that are hidden in the darkness of my closet or put in the trash straight away.  That is ok with me.  Success and Failure are a part of my process and it allows me to create and create and create and to learn a tiny bit more about myself, my hands, and my unique aesthetic along the way.

I am planning to release two collections of artwork in September:

September 6th: T H E  A B S T R A C T S  (mixed media pieces)

September 22nd: O I L  &  W A T E R C O L O R  (landscape and garden paintings)


Thank you for following my creative journey and for your continues support.  I feel like I say that often but it is only because I truly value and appreciate it.  You are the best. 

Emily Jeffords

Most days you can find me, in the studio with my little girls, speckled in oil paint (drinking too much coffee), creating artwork for collectors around the world and collaborating with select brands. Check out my artwork on


  • This is such an amazing idea ❤ Doing something for u that helps u grow is always good. I might try this sometime! Your paintings are beautiful 🙂 And Happy Birthday 😀


  • I love this so much! I just found your work in IG and absolutely love it!

    I’ll be turning 30 on December 31st, so the 30 in 30 sounds wonderfully appropriate for Jan 2017!

    What did you do your oil paintings on for this time? I’d be inclined to just do them on boards, but if they turned out nice it would be great if they were easy to hang!

    Excited to follow along with your journey! Wonderful inspiration!

    ❤ Darcy


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