Travel Journal No.1 | London

May 27th:  My journey begins incredible early in the morning in Greenville, SC (my home) with my two sleeping girls bundled up in their booster seats and my husband driving me to the airport.  I (or course) arrive far too early for my flight (just the way I prefer – a point of difference between my husband and I) and I wait for TSA to wipe the sleepy from their eyes are open the security check line for the day.  Thus begins the whirlwind 48 hours ahead of me as I try to travel to London.
I planned a day-long layover in NYC so I could eat a delicious meal and spend the afternoon at the Metropolitan Art Museum (where I may have shed one or two tears of joy while getting as close to the canvases as the all-knowing guards would allow).
I did both of those + a little shopping then headed back to the airport for my flight to London.  This is the part of my trip that diverged from the plan a bit.  The pilot fainted at the flight information desk.  Right in front of us all.  Sooooo….. now we spend a tumultuous 20 hours in limbo as the airline tries to find a new pilot.  One

I journaled throughout my trip and I’ll share a few of those thoughts with you.  

May 28th, 2016 | Somewhere over the Atlantic, finally heading to England after 48 hours of travel.  

“I was surprised to find myself a bit afraid today – not a lot – just a little.  Or maybe ‘lost’ is a better word.  But I was also reassured in humanity and the goodness of traveling souls.  It’s a hard thing, waking up too early, kissing your little ones goodbye, gathering yourself up for “an adventure” and putting it into bags which you carry on your feeble shoulders and go venturing out into the strange world.  
If the venture leaves me learning more about myself, knowing I can do hard things alone – but with my God and reaching out for the help of humans around me when needed – then I know I can do the next hard thing as well.  And then the next also.  And that is truly empowering.”


I finally made it to London, dealt with a couple hours of jet lag, and bounced back on my feet ready to explore!    I met my parents and siblings there for a day then headed into the rest of my trip with only my sister, Rebekah.  {While with my parents for we stayed in a swanky house owned by a broadway producer and found out that it was also the set for a TV show while we were randomly watching TV late at night!  Now THAT was eerie and wonderful.}

May 30th, 2016 | London (From the lobby of the Hoxton Hotel which we completely enjoyed.)

“Today, the 3rd day of my adventure, was about being led, finding history unmistakably beautiful and grand, and finding a friend, once again, in my sister.  Big Ben was smaller and more beautiful than I expected, while the London Eye much larger and not as beautiful as I expected.  All around us were people and carvings and the sounds of the city and vibrant flags.  History then, activity now.  We went to the best restaurant I have ever dreamed of and my palette was amazed.  Artwork in glasses and on plates.”



A highlight of my visit in London (beyond – well, ALL OF IT) was visiting L. Cornelissen & Sons.  A truly historic and beautiful art supply shop that treats the materials like gems and the customers like queens.  I will return.



From this place we took a bus to Paris.   More on that coming soon.




Emily Jeffords

Most days you can find me, in the studio with my little girls, speckled in oil paint (drinking too much coffee), creating artwork for collectors around the world and collaborating with select brands. Check out my artwork on


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