Instagram for Creatives Class



Hello dear readers!

I’m so excited to start this new year.  It’s going to be fresh, wonderful and I’m already excited about the good things 2016 has in store!  2015 taught me SO much about myself, about growth and creativity, and about my business – and I would love to share a bit of that with you!


I am teaching a live Instagram Class!  This course is perfect for creatives, artists, designers… anyone who is interested in sharing beauty and creativity with the world.  Instagram is such a natural platform for sharing your work with the world.  I’m excited to share some ideas for doing that successfully and naturally!

The goal for this course is for you to feel refreshed, full of ideas, and to have a clear direction at the end of our conversation.  Marketing your skills, artwork, and creativity can feel effortless and organic and Instagram is my personal favorite way to do that.



60 minute live class accompanied by a lovely and super informative eBook and after-class homework that you can choose to do at your leisure.  

WhiteSpace1Feb 23rd (9:00pm eastern time)  or  March 10th (2:00pm eastern time)

WhiteSpace1Find out more here


I hope to see you there!



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