A Day in my Life

I love reading about the ebb and flow of our hours.  The day-in-the-life columns in magazines and blogs fascinate me to no end.  We are all working so very hard and filling our days so differently and energetically – but really, we are all variations on a theme; practicing our days, filling them with as much goodness as the short hours can hold.

So, in that theme, I thought I would share my most typically day with you!  As I said on twitter yesterday, I think I pretty much just come across as a crazy lady who has cute kids & paints. You’ll see.  ; )

So, here it goes!  Read on if you’re interested.



9:00 wake up to the sound of my girls playing with their stuffed animals.  These days everything is a grand adventure which piggy and wolf-pup must weather.  😉
9:30 get up for real (no more lounging around with my girls in the sunshine no matter how awesome these moments are).  Next up: coffee, almonds and an tangerine, little shirts, feeding the bunny, sweeping the kitchen, tossing in more laundry…
11:00 Lizz (the girl’s tutor) arrives, my daughters are in good hands so I take off for the studio.
11:30 stretch a new canvas up on the wall.  I have two spaces in my studio for over-sized canvases + my easel.  Scrape off the palette, freshen my oil paints, prep for the creative moments ahead….  
12:00 get distracted from task at hand (starting new painting) by the random thought of an email I haven’t replied to. Pull out my computer.  Remember I need to buy more shipping boxes.  Done.  Now, what’s up on Twitter?  Anything I need to reply to on the Facebook page?  Oh ya! That email…  Oh gosh…  What do I say?  Ummm…. Oh! Another shop order.  Is that already in stock? Perfect!  I should wrap that up and send it out now… (All while eating bites of lunch)
12:30 phone and computer both are closed and put away out of renewed resolution to my cause: painting.
12:32: loud music filling my ears and paint filling my mind.  
2:00 quick break to answer emails that have come in this afternoon and talk with my husband about business goals for the next month and things that need to happen right now (he’s so great). 
2:30 back to painting.  This last hour in the studio is my sweet spot.  Paint flies and I feel hyper productive. 
4:00 pick up my two girls and talk about their day.
4:30: run to the printer to pick up freshly created reproductions (and pet the print shop puppy for a minute). 
5:00: Get home, reply to a few emails, do some boring computer stuffs, all mixed with talking and playing with the girls (aka, I don’t get much done in this time
but it’s the sweetest.)
6:00: Dan gets home, he and the girls play and work on homework for a bit while I prep dinner
7:00:  Dinner time!  We either watch a show together (Master Chef is our current fave) or talk about school and our “high/lows” of the day
8:30: Dan reads Narnia to the girls and puts the girls to bed while I clean up the kitchen (I make the most giant mess while cooking.) 
9:00: Relax for an hour or so – make a nice latte, get a bit of dessert, snuggle up on the couch to talk or watch a show.
10:00-2:00am my golden hours.  The house is so quiet and I get to work on the designs for my website or blog, launching new artwork in my shop (it’s amazing how long this kind of thing takes!!), or creating artwork on my dining room table.   
What does your day look like?  What moments do you love the most?

Emily Jeffords

Most days you can find me, in the studio with my little girls, speckled in oil paint (drinking too much coffee), creating artwork for collectors around the world and collaborating with select brands. Check out my artwork on EmilyJeffords.com


  • A Day in my Life | avpp2610
  • I absolutely love your paintings. I wish I had the talent and eye to make something so beautiful. Currently, my husband and I carpool to work so I would say that my favorite part of my day is picking him up and talking all the way home. No Tv or phone call distractions, other than the traffic which we both rage at and then laugh together. I am sure in April, when our little one arrives, my favorite moment of the day will change but for now I will enjoy each day I have with just my husband.


  • Love reading things like this! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has a 9am to 2am kind of schedule (most of my friends think those days ended in college…not for me!).

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  • Alarm goes off at 6:50 AM, get up and get ready in about 20 minutes and head out the door. Clock in at 8AM. Created “to-do” check list for the day at about 8:15. 8:30-9:15 check emails, get a snack and start sneakily looking for design inspo for my own work. Work on daily tasks from 10:45-12:30 then go to lunch for 30 minutes. come back at 1PM. work on random projects from my bosses from 1-3:30. 3:30-4:30 try and unwind on pinterest and check emails again to see if i missed anything. Leave work at 4:30, go to the gym and get home at about 6:15. Make dinner and relax until 10PM then lights out.

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  • Haha that’s nice to have a perspective of one particular day in your life. I really love your shots too. Very cute family 🙂
    My days are not all the same so it would be hard to pick one. But I usually wake up, go to work (I teach English in Paris). I wish I had more time to work out or read in the morning, but I love sleeping! Then I get back from work, realize I don’t have anything to eat so I buy something, have tea and chocolate or a more substantial meal, then answer my mails, go on Facebook and watch the news. Then I review my lessons for the next day and write in my agenda what I’ll have to do when I arrive at school. If I have time I work out a bit, have a shower, maybe watch something, and go to sleep (too late). 🙂


  • I love this. My day is so similar – work, work, work. I tend to love early mornings best. If I can get all my photography / painting done before 1pm, I feel golden. I usually save all my blogging and web design for nights on the couch with a good television show. Otherwise I feel like I’ve wasted all the daylight working on my computer, and that never feels good.


  • I have to admit, I’m jealous. My husband doesn’t want a bunny nearly as much as I do. Ha ha! Thanks for the glimpse of your life. I’m glad you are so down to earth and open because it helps to combat those lies that we all tell ourselves…about how every other artist has a flawless and uninterrupted, perfectly organized work schedule, studio, home, marriage, etc. It’s never effortless, though it can seem that way on social media. Your work, your girls, and your bunny are all wonderful…keep it up!!! 🙂


  • Beautiful post and, as usual, fabulous photos. My day usually starts around 3am. I love the quiet house at that hour. I absolutely adore my husband, but I am so much more productive when he is asleep. Not that he is demanding or anything, but I am easily distracted by him. 🙂


  • Oh wow Emily, I so enjoyed this glimpse into a day in your life. For a long time I have been following you and wondering how on earth you do it all (mainly how you paint with your girls in your studio!!) and produce such beautiful works with a brilliant website and blog as well and now I know. I kind of am the opposite! I only paint productively 3 days a week when my children (3.5 and 5) are at Montessori and school but I find getting up early and going for a run with the dog is the BEST start to my day and somehow my children sense my good mood and are equally as happy to get ready for the day when I return. After dropping them off and before starting painting I meditate and this creates a powerful feeling of calm within that makes me focused and driven for the rest of the day. Thank you so much for this post and the honest truth of it all. I am so inspired by you, I mentioned you in one of my posts….. https://minigrandiartist.wordpress.com/2015/09/17/mini-project-5-artworks-in-5-days/


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