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Instagram For ARTISTS Emily Jeffords


[ While this class date has past, you can find all the content and goodness available here]


I am excited to let you know that the 3rd Instagram for Artists class is happening on Tuesday, the 14th at 8:30pm (eastern)!  This class is SO much fun and is as full of information and advice as I can possibly give.

Instagram has become one of my favorite ways to share my work and process with the world, and is a powerful tool for my business.   I love it because it fits naturally into my day and allows me to be a little creative in a different way throughout the day.


Things we’ll cover in this live class:

– connecting with your true collectors/clients

– developing your visual aesthetic

– telling your story

– defining what to share & how to share it in order to grow to your business

– how to run a successful giveaway

– selling your work on Instagram & because of Instagram

– creating genuin followers, not empty numbers

My goal is for you to come away from this hour long class feeling refreshed, full of ideas, and with a clear direction.  Marketing your skills, artwork, and creativity can feel effortless and organic and Instagram is my personal favorite way to do that.

75-90 minutes, this class is taught LIVE online.  $45 to claim your seat (spots are limited.)

Also, the class includes a 42 page PDF covering all the topics in depth AND access to the Creatives Club Facebook Page!

Sign up for Instagram for Artists & Creatives HERE and I’ll see you soon!


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