Frazee Art Camp Shop!

Frazee Art CampFrazee Art Camp 2 Frazee Art Camp Frazee Art Camp Frazee Art Camp Frazee Art CampHello!

The Frazee art camp that I wrote about a few days ago went SO very well and was full of the sweetest moments.  Frazee is an organization that is located just a few streets from my studio that supports and enables under-resourced kids to live fuller, better lovez.  I was happy to have a room full of middleschool girls in my studio, trying out new mediums, exploring watercolor, ink painting, acrylic, graphite and charcoal drawing… It was such a busy and exciting few days and I am so impressed with the work the girls completed!

As I mentioned before, the girls worked hard to create at least 2 pieces of artwork each to add to their new Etsy Shop.  The goal of this week is not necessarily to raise money for the girls, but to enable them to create their own way in life by using their skills and creativity.

It was amazing to watch the light come alive in their eyes – and to listen to them talk about their artwork on the last day.  Oh gosh.  So cute.  So amazing.

Please check out their Etsy shop!  They would LOVE your support.

Frazee Art CampFrazee Art CampFrazee Art Camp

Also, they got a kick out of the HP Sprout!  Each girl got to upload their art, post the work to Etsy, and write about their artwork – the meaning and message behind it.   The Sprout came in so, so handy.  So intuitive and freeing for them!


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