DIY Essential Oil Sugar Scrub (my dirty little secret)

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Essential Oil Sugar Scrub DIY from Beautiful Hello Blog

Ok, crafters, artists, bakers, makers, hard-workers….pay attention.  This post is for you!

I have been painting for a few years now and this sugar scrub recipe has saved my skin!  Literally.

As my summer garden grows and herbs begin to spill over the sides of the pots lining our front porch, this excellently useful recipe quickly becomes my favorite.  Each ingredient has it’s own powerful physical and emotional properties (smell affects your emotions too!), but put them together and you have a powerful and super simple scrub to add to your clean-up and personal pampering regime.


I paint daily, and yet, my hands and nails are totally stain free.  They are never dry.  I mean that.  All the oils that are the magic eraser of paints are also the nurturer of my skin.  And washing takes about 20 seconds now and time is money, y’all.

And I smell amazing and everyone loves that.


((Recipe below))
Essential Oil Sugar Scrub DIY from Beautiful Hello Blog Essential Oil Sugar Scrub DIY from Beautiful Hello Blog


I originally posted this recipe on June 24th 2014 (but it’s so good it needs to be shared again!)

Take 10 minutes and make this and then can spend another 10 minutes writing me a thank you note!



1C sugar
2T coarse salt (extra grit)
1/4 C coconut oil
herbs (I used Rosemary, lemon balm, & lavender)
lime zest
3-5 drop each Lavender & Lemon essential oils


– Put the sugar and salt into a bowl and add the slightly warmed coconut oil (head just enough to become loose and almost liquid but not too warm.)  You want the oil to moisten the sugar/salt without becoming too wet.  Add more sugar or oil as needed.
– Chop the herbs finely, add and stir
– Add lime or lemon zest (optional)
– Drop in the essential oils and stir

Store in an airtight container away from heat or direct sunlight.
Get you hands dirty creating something wonderful and enjoy the clean up just as much!



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