What is Creativity? Makers Summit Recap part 2

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Yesterday I shared the wonderful thoughts of Nathan Bond of Rifle Paper Co. (which you can read here), and today I am SO excited to introduce you to two of the most wonderful women I have talked with in a long, long time.  These ladies are creating such good work and are so powerfully true to their ideas and vision.  I walked away feeling so inspired by their spirit and words…  you’ll see what I mean:


Jeni started her first ice cream company many years ago.  The company failed for a variety of reasons, but that did not dissuade her from pursuing her passion (the art of flavor and quality).  She regrouped and relaunched her dream as Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream which has spread across the nation and into many hearts — and good heavens, it is splendid ice cream!!


I loved listening to Jeni talk about creativity.  While our creative outlets look quite different (paint / milk + sugar) our thought processes and love are very similar.

creativity is:

– thinking inside the box – not outside.  Creativity only works when there are problems to solve & parameters to work within.

– active

– remembering and learning from practice/failure/success

– not radical. focus on a small group of well executed ideas that will add up to something grand

– brave.  instincts should be listened to

– moving forward

– not a lone genius.  Creative success is built on the successes and failures of many.

– made of 99 failures & 1 success

– seemingly impossible.  But do not be afraid of someone else’s brick wall.  Their limitations are not yours.

– love.  it’s about following your passion and making that love contagious

– impatient

– not personal.  when you fail, move on.  don’t dwell in failures and ignore those who do. also, don’t cling to your successes.

– imagination

– work

– building your own world and enjoying its pros and cons.

Rachel Faucette runs a hugely popular blog, Handmade Charlotte, has collaborations with pretty much every large brand you can imagine, and works with companies (like, you know, Martha Stewart, HP…).  But, also, she is generous and kind.

She gave us some very tangible steps to take if we’re serious about pursuing this thing.  So helpful.

– Be awesome

– Be generous

– Share your brand unapologetically

– Set attainable and yet lofty goals for yourself

– Put things on the calendar and actually do them

– Invest in your social media presence and following

– Make asks: ask for 1-3 things each day

– Create advocates out of your followers

– Be your biggest fan

– Always say thank you – because, as we all know, you do not get here by yourself.

The inspiration in the space during this whole event was completely palpable.  I would highly recommend attending The Makers Summit next year.  If you feel like your brand is off to the right start but you know there are places if could grow or develop – then this is the place for you.  This awesome event (and a few others) are put on by the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, SC.
Photography by Jivan Davé

Emily Jeffords

Most days you can find me, in the studio with my little girls, speckled in oil paint (drinking too much coffee), creating artwork for collectors around the world and collaborating with select brands. Check out my artwork on EmilyJeffords.com


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