Makers Summit Recap: Rifle Paper Co. reminds us to focus on making good things.

16226471973_09099ae452_o ms416658834088_7b5475058a_b A couple weeks ago, I was sitting in a beautiful space, sipping good coffee, talking with some of the most creative people, and allowing all the good words and vibes swirling around my head to talk over and fill my mind with goodness. …this is what the Makers Summit does to people!

I had the honor of speaking on a panel along with some of my most wonderful friends and fellow entrepreneurs, but the conference was so much more than a speaking gig for me.  It was a time of deep connection – both with others and with my own ideas & dreams.

I was quite excited to hear from (and meet) Nathan Bond. You just cannot top the finesse and intentionality in the Rifle Paper Co. brand!  Anna & Nathan Bond have been a long-time inspiration for me and it was so good to see that the beautiful company is backed up with such lovely and generous people.

Also Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Ice Cream (literally the best ice cream on earth) poured down words of encouragement and inspiration. This lady is a true artist who cares so much about the quality of her product (obv) and the beauty of a good brand.

Rachel Faucette of Handmade Charlotte is not only the funniest person in the room, but also one of the hardest working, most experienced, and encouraging people I know.   This lady is a champion and I’m happy to shout her praises!

But now, enough gushing. I have some true goodness for you guys.   These were my personal favorite takeaways from the weekend – the moments that make me want to shout “Amen!   Preach!” …but of course I did not. I remained (mostly) calm (kind of).


From Nathan, I was reminded that you define your own success. You decide what is healthy, beautiful, and right for you. The best marketing strategy is to create the best product possible.

(In fact, I would say creating good work is the key to success.)


– That being said, you’re never going to be ready. Fear of failure will hold you back if you let it. You can and you will learn everything you need to, but don’t wait for that moment to come. You are better and your stronger because of your challenges.

– Understand how pricing works. Of course, there are clear-cut pricing guidelines, but don’t underestimate the value of a well-designed and beautifully made product. It has an esteemed value that has been earned on own merit. Price accordingly.

Imitation is a steep handicap, not a healthy business crunch and definitely not a smart move.  Collaboration should happen when both parties can grow, mutually benefit, and come up with new and beautiful things because of each other.


Ahh.  I clapped so freaking loud after this talk — and my head hurt a tiny bit from nodding so much (yep, I was that girl).  But I can’t help it.  After reading this, I’m sure you understand…

Tomorrow I will share Jeni’s thoughts on creativity + Rachel’s tips for growth.

Check out the speakers work and goodness here: Nathan Bond; Rifle Paper Co. Jeni Bauer; Jeni’s Ice Cream  Rachel Faucette; Handmade Charlotte  And many many more listed on the Makers Summit website.
The Makers Summit is dreamed up, created, crafted, loved, cared for, fought for, put on, and produced, by the Indie Craft Parade.  And I thank them for it.


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