#30EJPaintings are complete! Woohoo!



If you have been following my Instagram feed over the past few weeks then you’ve seen the process, behind the scenes, and even a few sneak peeks of this project.  I took some time to paint several new paintings, to try new things, and to be willing to practice.  The beautiful thing about practicing is there is no audience.  It’s just me and my brushes, trying new things.  Sometimes practice feels effortless and exciting, sometimes it is ugly and tricky, but it is always helpful.
I worked on 34 paintings, finishing 30 of them.
27 of those will be available
 on my website at noon today (eastern time)!

Please check out the collection below!  
Thank you all for your support and for cheering me on during this challenge!  I hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed creating them!


30EJp1 30EJp2 30EJp3 30EJp4 30EJp5


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