Counting Blessings & Other Studio News


“Count your blessings”….  that phrase has always bugged me because it assumes that this “task” (eww) is actually possible (which is, of course, totally ridiculous).   Life is full to the brim with blessings – regardless of your current situation, health, mood, whatever…  (trust me, I’ve had many, many down days.  I know them well and we are not friends.)  But the act of thinking about your blessings is incredibly healthy.  It re-orients your perspective & adds some gratitude to your mentality.

I often fall into the trap of not noticing these good gifts – and certainly not actually celebrating the awesome things that happen in life.  I often let them roll past me with a hasty nod while I press on, working towards the next thing – which I will then nod to and continue rushing past life like the little engine who could(n’t).   This is so unhealthy, ungrateful, and totally un-fun.

So today, I’m counting & celebrating.  Cheers!

1: Let me first say that I am SO SOOO honored to be the Artist of the Month for Minted and Domino Magazine!  DOMINO!!.   These two are partnering to introduce you to new artists/designers and this month you got meeee!!!   –You guys already know me, of course, but if you’re interested in learning a little extra you are welcome to check out this feature on Domino Magazine‘s website!    Thank you for all the stunning photos Paige French!  You made these features shine.

2:  West Elm may be looking a little extra artsy these days!  They’re currently carrying one of my paintings exclusively in their art collection!  I nearly burst with pride when I saw that live and with my own eyes, BTW.  I’m a huge fan of West Elm, so it’s was a dance-party-in-the-middle-of-the-day kind of moment for me.  😉

3: Minted now has an ever-expanding collection of my art available for your visual pleasure… I’m honored to be on their front page and to have a storefront in the Art Market!  They have several prints exclusively in their art collection (like one of my favorite paintings, “Summerwinds” ).

minted art market featuring artist Emily Jeffords

4: There is a super sale happening on Instagram this afternoon (beginning at 3:00 est)!!!  Follow my shop account: @Emily_Jeffords_Shop for the goodness.  The new collection of botanical prints will be on sale!  Gotta get these beauties out into the word pronto!!!  I’m in love…

5:  …I’m so in love, in fact, that I just created two iPhone cases (and a pile of other rad products – but the phone cases are my fave) each featuring a botanical painting!  I cannot WAIT to flash mine around town.  Maybe this is a little vain?    Oh well.

phone cases from Emily Jeffords iPhone shown

6: Oh yes, the Huffington Post feature…..  well, here’s that little sweet thing.

7: My 4 year old makes lunch now – All by herself!!!  I’ve always loved hugging her, but now I really, REALLY mean it.  I love you, kid.  xox  ; )

There we have it.  7 things that are totally worth celebrating.

I think I’ll gather my fancy husband and go out with some friends tonight!  Join me, wherever you are in the world, in finding the things in your life worth celebrating!

Oh!  One more (see, I told you you can never count them all…)!  Minted was so sweet and featured me and my bebe in their “Kids Art” catalogue!  (Once again, photo by the crazy skilled Paige French)

Minted Art Catalogue Feature. Emily Jeffords

Emily Jeffords

Most days you can find me, in the studio with my little girls, speckled in oil paint (drinking too much coffee), creating artwork for collectors around the world and collaborating with select brands. Check out my artwork on


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