“Overtures of Flight” oil landscape painting by Emily Jeffords

I came to the studio yesterday feeling pressure.  A dead car battery, issues getting the dumb thing fixed, a busted lip on my little girl, visual clutter in my home, emotional and physical tiredness…  not the way I want to come to the easel in the least.

But I got there in the afternoon.  Late.  Too late to finish a painting?   I might as well try, I told myself.  They’ll understand it if doesn’t work out today…

The girls were happy to be in their space and went right to work creating little watercolor pieces.   I turned up the music, let the peacefulness of that space wash over me, and set to work mixing shades of gray and peach, thinking about how uplifting the creative process is.

I think these little life events – nothing memorable, just every-day stress – allowed me to feel this painting.  It is more abstract and focuses on movement and shape more than some of my pieces – and I loooove that.

Abstract art seems to depict emotions rather than reality more than most art, and it feels like to me like this painting dips into that a bit.  Dancing brushstrokes, muted colors, contrasted by vibrant jewel tones, and movement full of joy.

“Overtures of Flight” 18×24 inch oil landscape painting will be in my shop at noon today (Eastern Time …1.5 hours!) $200 (usually $400)  www.EmilyJeffords.com

There is one last painting in this short series coming tomorrow & more exciting things happening next week!  Thank you ALL for an amazingly wonderful year!  #EmilyJeffordsArtCelebration

Emily Jeffords

Most days you can find me, in the studio with my little girls, speckled in oil paint (drinking too much coffee), creating artwork for collectors around the world and collaborating with select brands. Check out my artwork on EmilyJeffords.com


  • I absolutely reckon that art is usually expressive of emotions wether in poetry or a painting but there is that place for this kind that speaks of both emotions and reality all at once…no wonder you were comforted as you expressed you and the day…


  • Emily, I love reading about your work process! Your daily paintings are an inspiration to me. I paint in dark colours, mostly grid and circle abstracts, and flowers, so seeing your work which is so different from mine is like having a touch of summer and light in my inbox. Thank you!


  • Reblogged this on ReFindMarLou and commented:
    I absolutely love this art! It is so simple and beautiful and every day when I look through my feed of blogs, this one always cheers me up. I miss painting… maybe I’ll get the paints back out soon.


  • I love your paintings, they bring a sense of calm and there is such a sweet softness to them. Gorgeous..


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