“Cool of the Stillness” Painting-a-Day by Emily Jeffords

"Cool of the Stillness" oil painting by Emily Jeffords

I began this painting anticipating something a little dark and moody; something with some grit to it or at least a little mystery.  But as things progressed, and my emotions shifted throughout the day, this painting evolved.

I love the delicate colors, the vibrant and carefree brushstrokes, and the modern coolness in this painting.  It felt so good to create…

"Cool of the Stillness" oil painting by Emily Jeffords

A sweet friend dropped by my studio to bring me iced coffee and to distract my mind for a moment and very candidly said, “its like you’re painting an alternate reality.  The painting looks so peaceful and calm!” –in the most honest and loving way possible.   And you know, she was totally right.  All around, I was surrounded by crayons, papers, books, little shoes… kids being kids.  I have my two little girls in the studio with me everyday, and while my days can be crazy and messy at times, they are also peaceful and grounded.


But, at times, I do slip into a headspace where I need to surround myself with positivity – not moodiness.  And this painting mirrored that!


So, I dedicate this painting to coffee, crayons, little girl’s laughter, and good friends who see past the mess of life and focus on the beauty.


“Cool of the Stillness” 18×24 inches, oil on canvas.  It will be in my shop in one hour!  $200 (normally $400) as a part of my Art Celebration thanking everyone for am AMAZING year!


And guys, yesterday’s painting sold in TWO minutes.  I’m floored.  Thank you all for your immense support and love.  I can feel it vividly.

This painting-a-day collection will go on until the end of the week then next week other exciting things are set to take place!  Stay tuned!

"Cool of the Stillness" oil painting by Emily Jeffordskids

Emily Jeffords

Most days you can find me, in the studio with my little girls, speckled in oil paint (drinking too much coffee), creating artwork for collectors around the world and collaborating with select brands. Check out my artwork on EmilyJeffords.com


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