A Year of Landscapes (and let’s celebrate!)

A year of landscape paintings by Emily Jeffords

Hello everyone!

This is a very, very special month for me.  Last July I was working my fingernails off, painting and painting an painting like a crazy lady, doing a landscape painting each day.   And selling each and everyone in serious record time (because I have the best collectors and followers ever…)

While soooo much has changed in one short year, much has remained the same.   60-ish (I really lost count) landscape paintings later and they only fascinate me more.

Creating skyscapes feels like an endless game which has delightfully abstract rules, unlimited possibilities, so much room for growth, and no end in sight.

A year of landscape paintings by Emily Jeffords

Painting allows for a lot of introspective thinking and recently when I fall into that kind of creative head-space I am struck with gratitude.  I cannot thank you all enough for allowing me to follow my passion and for supporting me so consistently and lovingly.  I really, really feel humbled and blessed by you all.

And I would like to share a small bit of my huge thank you with a few exciting events!   So, for the next three weeks we’re going to be having some fun!

I realize that I have been doing MANY commissions for the past few months, which means my original’s shop is pretty darn sparse.  Let’s fix that this week.

I’m going to do a painting a day for 4 days and list them each day on the following morning.  These are going to be 18×24 inch oil on canvas landscape paintings and will cost $200 each (usually $375).  

The first one will be painted on Monday and listed in my shop on Tuesday at 12:00est.  

Follow along on Instagram & Twitter for updates and sneak-peeks!   @Emily_Jeffords

A year of landscape paintings by Emily Jeffords

Stay tuned for details on Week Two & Three!  This is  going to be fun!

THANK YOU ALL!  I can’t get over how awesome you all are.

Let’s make year No. 2 even more crazy-amazing.  Shall we?

Emily Jeffords signiture

Emily Jeffords

Most days you can find me, in the studio with my little girls, speckled in oil paint (drinking too much coffee), creating artwork for collectors around the world and collaborating with select brands. Check out my artwork on EmilyJeffords.com


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