Sugar Scrubs (the one recipe every artist & DIY maven needs to know)

Sugar scrub DIY: an artists best kept secret | Beautiful Hello Blog

Today I would like to talk about my life before & after sugar scrubs (and yes, I categorize events along that timeline.)

Before: I was painting and wearing my paint-stained fingers like a trophy (aka, denial, resolve, sacrifice…). And when I say stained, imagine the color of murky water – because that’s what you get when you mix all the colors from one painting onto two hands.  It ain’t pretty.

Also, (even worse) my hands were dry & cracked by all the chemicals that come with oil painting and then trying to remove said paint.

And my nails were sad.  Just sad.   …Well, they still kind of are.  This girl needs a manicure bad!  But, what’s the point?  I’m a painter.

And then after sugar scrubs…. ahhhhh…. (that’s me singing with the voice of angels) seriously 100% different.

I paint daily, covering my hands in paint (not on purpose, I’m just a hot mess), and yet, my hands and nails are totally stain free.  They are never dry.  I mean that.  All the oils that are the magic eraser of paints are also the nurturer of my skin.

And washing takes about 20 seconds now and time is money, y’all.

And I smell amazing and everyone loves that.

And the scents scientifically improve my mood (not complaining!)

Sugar scrub DIY: an artists best kept secret | Beautiful Hello Blog

Sugar scrub DIY: an artists best kept secret | Beautiful Hello Blog

Take 10 minutes and make this and then can spend another 10 minutes writing me a thank you note!


1C sugar
2T coarse salt (extra grit)
1/4 C coconut oil
herbs (I used Rosemary, lemon balm, & lavender)
lime zest
3-5 drop each Lavender & Lemon essential oils

– Put the sugar and salt into a bowl and add the slightly warmed coconut oil (head just enough to become loose and almost liquid but not too warm.)  You want the oil to moisten the sugar/salt without becoming too wet.  Add more sugar or oil as needed.
– Chop the herbs finely, add and stir
– Add lime zest.
– Drop in the essential oils and stir.

Store in an airtight container away from heat or direct sunlight.
Get you hands dirty creating something wonderful and enjoy the clean up just as much!

Sugar scrub DIY: an artists best kept secret | Beautiful Hello Blog

Please remember that this is your skin we’re talking about, so use the freshest and purest ingredients you can find.  Food safe, organic ingredients are a great place to start.
Also, I am not selling or preaching essential oils, nor has someone asked me to write this post.
And you can totally make this scrub without the essential oils!

The lemon oil is a cleansing agent helping to remove paint and grime quickly, while the lavender helps to sooth and heal your skin from all the chemicals you have come in contact with.

Also, I have to say that this scrub is not anti-bacterial.  So please don’t be gross. Use soap in addition to this goodness.

Recipe alternative: The Sugar Mojito Scrub
Same base as above, but instead of the collection of herbs, add lime zest and chopped mint along with the lavender & lemon essential oils.  So yummy you’ll be wishing for happy hour all day long!

xox, Emily

PS. make a container for the shower and you may not need to go to the spa quite as often
(wait, do people actually do that?  Well, now I know how they feel!)

Emily Jeffords

Most days you can find me, in the studio with my little girls, speckled in oil paint (drinking too much coffee), creating artwork for collectors around the world and collaborating with select brands. Check out my artwork on


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