A New Website (and so, so much beauty my head hurts)

Emily Jeffords New Website

Oh goodness, you guys, what an exciting day it was yesterday (and is proving to be today as well!)  Yesterday afternoon my new website went live and it thrills my soul its SO FREAKING beautiful!

The new website is overflowing with photos taken by my talented and gracious friend Paige French.  I can’t tell you how beautiful it is to see my studio, work, and family through her lens.  She captured moments that are typical, things I see every day, maybe they’re even mundane, but through her perspective, these scenes are worth lingering over.

Please hop over to EmilyJeffords.com to see all of the goodness & beauty for yourself!  And… there is a sweet discount there just for you!

emily jeffords studio

“From the brushes tinted teal, to the tubes of expended white oil paint, the incense filling the space with sweet-earthy fragrances, and the coffee always on hand… this is my haven.  This is where I come to focus, to create, to cherish life a little more, and to share my passion with the world.”

emily jeffords studio

emily jeffords studio



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