Nature Inspires Art (and maybe vice versa?)

Art & Nature: Emily Jeffords, Beautiful Hello Blog


The similarity between nature and art – particularly flowers and paintings – is kind of a well documented “thing”.  Artists have attributed a giant amount of our inspiration and success to these sweet little blooms (I mean, just check out the words of Claude Monet up there!)

Brush strokes + flower petals….  I know the flower came first, but these two seem to inspire each other. They are both so  delicate and expressive.  Each stroke is different and imperfectly beautiful and every petal is dripping with delicate character and grace.


If I were called upon to define briefly the word “Art”, I should call it the reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature, seen through the veil of the soul.” Paul Cezanne

I am so blessed to know some of the best floral designers in town and they graciously keep my flower + nature + inspiration routine pretty energetic.

 These blooms may look pretty online, but they are made even more beautiful when you can see the energy it takes to create these arrangements first hand.  The stem clippings, stray leaves, buckets of water, floral supplies…  all gathered and fussed over to create a moment of beauty.
And isn’t it the same with art?  Brushes, oils, paints, pallet, canvas, drips, smudges, lines, shapes…. all orchestrated (sometimes chaotically) to create beauty.


It almost seems that the process to create the beauty is the real star in this story.  Nurture + nature + inspiration + grit + passion + dedication + a little more inspiration = beauty.  


Thank you Julie Dodds (one of my studio mates) & Suzie Lombardo for this daily dose of flower-power inspiration.  Seriously girls.  Cotton balls + thistles?!  XOX!

This painting is one of my recent commissions, titled “Sweetwater Weather”  18×24 oil on canvas.  


Art & Nature: Emily Jeffords, Beautiful Hello Blog

Art & Nature: Emily Jeffords, Beautiful Hello Blog

Sweetwater Weather.  Oil Painting by Emily Jeffords, Beautiful Hello Blog


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