My Studio: A video by The Traveling Storytellers (and why I’m totally on cloud 9)

(click here to see video if needed)

I am so excited to share this studio news with you.  Like, SO, so, so excited.   Over the past few days , my studio has been full of giant cameras, sliders, microphones, tripods, lighting…  and it has been pretty darn exciting!

Matt Ayers & Sam Windell, two insanely talented videographers and  storytellers, devoted their time and creativity to telling my story and I could not be more honored.   They are part of the The Traveling Storytellers; a highly skilled creative team.

It can be so hard to see “your story” while you are living within it.   The beauty in the every-day happenings becomes quickly muddled by the pressures, stress, disorder, and general hussle of life.   When I began thinking about this video, I felt as if I had little to show and even less to say, …and yet, so much that I wanted to convey.   Life can feel so humble and mundane at times.  But it’s not, is it?  It’s life!  It’s full and vibrant and, when you stop to notice, it is brimming over with meaningful and beautiful moments.

It was overwhelmingly wonderful to see my day-to-day life from Sam & Matt’s  point of view.    The way they crafted and wove my story left tears in my eyes and so much joy in my heart.

Seeing this video in it’s completion taught me to focus on the meaningful  things in life and to fade out the rest.  It reminded me, again, that you must work very, very hard to create something beautiful.  And that beauty is incredibly powerful and worth fighting for.

Thank you, Matt & Sam, for telling this little bit of my story.

You’ll be hearing a little more from these guys in a couple of weeks (it’s time someone told their story – doncha think!?) but in the meantime, check out the The Traveling Storytellers.  Their work will totally inspire you.

And if you need someone to tell your story, they are totally your guys.


Emily Jeffords Studio: a Short Film by the Traveling Storytellers

Emily Jeffords

Most days you can find me, in the studio with my little girls, speckled in oil paint (drinking too much coffee), creating artwork for collectors around the world and collaborating with select brands. Check out my artwork on


    • Isn’t it? Matt & Sam did an amazingly beautiful job crafting it out of the jumble that is my studio. It was so beautiful to watch them work.


  • Beautiful video — thank you for sharing an inside look into your process and your studio. I just loved seeing your little girls sharing the space with you.

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    • Having my little girls in my space is so much of what gives the studio life (and mess + noise) 😉 They are such a delight. Thank you for your kind words!



  • so beautiful! love your studio, your artwork and your description of the process. It’s just beautiful. May you have many more paintings and luck to you in your career.


  • This is beautiful Emily – I really enjoyed it and the videographers did such a great job. Was this your first time on camera like that for video? I’d say you’re a natural and so relaxed too. I watched a video the other day and it wasn’t horrible but it was a start for that person, and one of the readers commented “why video?” as if was it really necessary? And I would say yes. It gives you a more in depth look at the person behind the writing and hearing a voice is so beneficial and seeing movements – that’s what makes us human after all and that is what shows the true heart behind the writing. At any rate, this was great and I hope you do many more. I’ve been contemplating starting video but I have no idea where to start and need to do more research.


  • Wow! This is just incredible. It makes me want paint right now! Putting yourself into your art is such an intimate and rewarding experience. I can totally relate to your feelings on the way you create. Beautiful beautiful video.


  • Thankyou for sharing some of your life and your beautiful art with us all, it is so inspiring and so nice to get a glimpse into another artists world.That was a great vimeo those guys did an awesome job : )


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