“Here Comes the Sun” Painting-a-Day by Emily Jeffords

“Here Comes The Sun” Painting-a-Day, oil on canvas, by Emily JeffordsAlt Summit Bound: Painting a Day.  Emily Jeffords

The final painting in my mini painting-a-day series is here!  My brushes are still messy, my studio even more so, and the canvases lining my studio walls cheer and delight me.

“Here Comes the Sun” is a fitting way to end this mini series.  Warm tones, movement, loose brush strokes and creamy & vibrant colors speak to the hope that each new day brings.  I love the muted tones and the lush textures in this landscape and how they contrast with the lightness and vibrance in the sky.  Winter is ending and the warm spring days are in the air.

This painting is 16×20 inches, oil on canvas and will be available in my shop in ONE HOUR, at noon (EST), today!

This is the end of this short painting-a-day project.  However, there is a lovely collection of originals & prints on sale in my studio shop.  Check them out!    All profits from Print sales goes to charity until the end of February!


This painting, and the previous three, were created to raise funds for my very unexpected & totally exciting trip to Salt Lake City to attend & assist with the Alt Summit!  Read more about that adventure on the blog of my dear friend, MJ.


“Here Comes The Sun” Painting-a-Day, oil on canvas, by Emily Jeffords



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