“Rain in Spain” Painting-a-Day, oil on canvas, by Emily Jeffords

"Rain In Spain" Original Oil Landscape by Emily Jeffords (Painting-a-day) Alt Summit Bound: Painting a Day.  Emily Jeffords Admittedly, I have never been to Spain, and have never seen the “rain falling mainly in the plain”.  However, I have the happy staccato of Eliza Doolittle dancing in my head and I think the motion of the song – upward, peppy, thriving, moody, helped to evolve this painting into a scene of motion and loose vibrance.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: sometimes I put too much paint on the canvas – I allow the scene to become cluttered and stiff (these canvases are currently gathering dust in a corner of my studio).  But when I stop at JUST the right time – not too soon, not too late – the expression and refinement are balanced and beautiful.  And THAT, delights me to no end.

“Rain in Spain” is 16×20 inches, oil on canvas and will be available in my shop in ONE HOUR, at noon (EST), today!  $100!

This painting was created to raise funds for my very unexpected & totally exciting trip to Salt Lake City to attend the Alt Summit!  Read more about that adventure on the blog of my dear friend, MJ.

Check back tomorrow for the FINAL painting in this mini painting-a-day project!   There is also a lovely collection of originals & prints on sale in my studio shop.  Check them out! "Rain In Spain" Original Oil Landscape by Emily Jeffords (Painting-a-day)


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