Winter & Winds: Original Oil Landscape Painting by Emily Jeffords

Winter & Winds: Original Oil Painting by Emily Jeffords, painting-a-day

It has begun!  My short painting-a-day project: 4 paintings in 4 days, begins today!

My pallet is full of wintery blues and grays, and my brushed messy with creams and dusty teals…   I love the muted tones and the lush textures in this landscape.   “Winter & Winds” is an expressive and poetic depiction of the peace that covers the world during the stillness of winter.  The earth is cold and quiet, yet full of minimalistic beauty and simplicity.

This painting is 16×20 inches, oil on canvas and will be available in my shop in ONE HOUR, at noon (EST), today!

Please note, that since these photos were taken Winter & Winds has been signed in the lower right hand corner in red my signature script.

This painting, and the three to follow this week, are created to raise funds for my very unexpected & totally exciting trip to Salt Lake City to attend & assist with the Alt Summit!  Read more about that adventure on the blog of my dear friend, MJ.

Check back tomorrow for Painting No. 2!  There is also a lovely collection of originals & prints on sale in my studio shop.  Check them out!

Alt Summit Bound: Painting a Day.  Emily Jeffords





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