Alt Summit Bound PAINTING-A-DAY by Emily Jeffords

Painting a Day, Emily Jeffords

Two weeks ago I was ignoring the fact that, in just a little while, all of the movers & shakers, creatives, and makers from the blogging & creative community were coming together for the biggest, greatest conference of the year.  Tickets to this conference are hard to come by and I was not fortunate enough to get one.  Which I was okay with, because, remember, I was ignoring the entire event.

But then, things changed.  … More the story coming soon… And I am going to the Alt Summit in Salk Lake City!!!

This is huge guys.  I had the honor of attending Alt NYC (and it blew my socks off), but this event (which is a couple days longer, bigger, and covers even more spot on industry topics) is going to completely and totally amaze & inspire.


Being invited to attend Alt was a WELCOME and honoring surprise – but it was totally unexpected (and therefor, un-budgeted).
So, in order to make this trip a reality, this week, starting tomorrow,  I am going to be doing a painting a day for four days to raise a bit of money for this exciting trip!
 Alt Summit Bound: Painting a Day.  Emily Jeffords
The paintings will be fairly large (16×20 inches), oil on canvas, and will all be impressionistic landscapes.


At the end of the 4 days there will an additional surprise (giveaway – eep!) so be sure to share the photos & follow along on social media!  More info coming soon & it’s going to be worth it.  Promise.


I’m off to the studio to paint landscape #1 and will post it at noon (est) tomorrow here and in my shop:

Painting Brushes, Emily Jeffords

Alt Summit Bound: Painting a Day.  Emily Jeffords

Make My Getaway: 16x20 in Oil on Canvas, Landscape by Emily Jeffords

Painting a Day, Emily Jeffords

Painting a Day, Emily Jeffords

(Above are examples of previous work.  Stay tuned for the new painting-a-day landscapes or check out those available in my shop


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