I’m so pleased to properly introduce… Trouvé Magazine!

Trouvé Magazine: Emily's Story

You guys…  the day is here!
I can finally tell you about the amazing goodness that my dear friend (and crazy good designer) Amanda Marko and I been pouring our hearts into over the past few months!

What is Trouvé Magazine:
Simply, it’s a magazine for creative people.    We are excited to offer our readers meaningful and highly creative content that will leave them feeling refreshed and excited about life

Trouvé is a French word meaning “To Find”.  And that’s what it’s all about: celebrating the found, the treasured, the unexpected, and the creative.

We will be featuring makers, designers, creative projects, gatherings, beautiful shops, travel, recipes, events, and creative spaces.   –and yes, we will be taking submissions!

Trouvé Magazine

I hope you all will join us!  This is going to be such a vibrant, creative, and inspiring community and we would be honored to have you as a part of it!

We are excited to introduce Trouvé with an upcoming online launch party!

The launch party will include hours of stunning online content, several amazing giveaways, a preview of the magazine in all its lovely glory, as well as our kickstarter campaign which will enable us to make Trouvé Mag into something meaningful and truly amazing.  To get in on this goodness, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and sign up for our email list.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get first notice of the Trouvé launch party!

Also, join in on the conversation early by sharing your creative moments with the hashtag: #TrouveMag on Instagram!

Trouvé Magazine

Until next time,

Emily  (@Emily_Jeffords)


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