Let’s celebrate the chaos: Moving Day + art by Alex Kanevsky

Paintings of Alex Kanevsky    Hello!   When we moved from Texas to Charleston I featured the work of Alex Kanevsky.  His paintings perfectly encapsulated what I was seeing and feeling in my own home: beauty in chaos.  Packing, boxes, piles, stacks, colors, textures, shapes jumbled up together – making their way to a new home.  Well, the same thing is happening today as we move into our new home in down town Greenville, SC, and again, Alex’s work rings true in my mind.

Kanevsky is one of the many artists that delight in painting the ordinary, but he is one of the few that elevate and distort the ordinary scenes found in day-to-day life into something beautifully original and appealing.  He has a way of seeing beauty in the chaos, and also, adding his unique distortion and perspective on the orderly.  I love the rushed, colorful, scattered, high-contrast, and “drawn” characteristics in these paintings.

Painting by artist  Alex Kanevsky

Painting by artist  Alex Kanevsky

“The moment something works well and is under control – is the time to give it up and try something else.”  – Alex Kanevsky

This quote has stuck with me since reading it about two years ago and it’s something I’ve noticed happening naturally in my life.  Comfort in your craft and in your art often leads to stale and formulated artwork.  And no one likes stale art – now do they?

Painting by artist  Alex Kanevsky

And now – once again, I’m back to un-packing!  I can’t wait to share our new little home with you!  But, for now, enjoy more work by Alex Kanevsky.



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