Of The Light Days: Landscape Painting No. 9

Of The Light Days: Oil Landscape Painting a Day by Emily Jeffords

Hello!  I’m writing to you from my little sunny spot on a lake-side deck.  This is pretty nice…

We are spending the week with my family (all 18 of us!) at a beautiful lake house on lake Keowee in South Carolina.  Our days are going to be full: attempting all kinds of crazy water sports, eating delicious food, staying up extremely late, talking, laughing, and playing together like we are all kids again.   I’m excited about setting up my paints and working from the balcony tomorrow morning.  I’m going to feel so regal and fancy!

Check out #WehrlyVacay for a few photos of our adventures (and my yummy food.)

Of The Light Days: Oil Landscape Painting a Day by Emily Jeffords Of The Light Days: Oil Landscape Painting a Day by Emily Jeffords

Of The Light Days: Landscape Painting a Day  |  No. 9
16×20 inches, oil on canvas
Available for $100 in my studio shop.

We lived in West Texas two years ago – in the middle of nowhere.  It was flat and dry, and so very hot.  But it was also very beautiful!  My bedroom window overlooked a field that I wouldn’t dare walk through without chaps and giant cowboy boots; but the scene that was on display every hour of the day was stunning.  Warm, bright, and drenched in sunshine.  Just before sunset was my favorite time of day.  It seemed like the colors became even more intense; as if the whole earth was dipped in gold.

But you know what I love best about landscapes?  They are so universal and so deeply engrained into our perceptions and memories.  A scene that may remind me of growing up in Africa may remind you of California or your visit to Italy.  I love painting in this modern-impressionistic style because it leaves so much of the scene up to interpretation.

> > > A little housekeeping < < <

I am planning on doing 4 more landscape paintings, then taking a little break to move into our new house (yippy!) and prepare for the Indie Craft Parade.  I’ll then start on the commission paintings in September.

The Commission painting slots are all full!
So if you’re hoping to scoop up a landscape painting be sure to check my shop (there are two there!) and stay by your computer at noon tomorrow and the Wednesday!

Thank you all SO much for your incredible support for my art and love for me family.  We are so excited about moving into our new home.  You guys have been overwhelmingly instrumental in making this a reality. 


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