“Moondrift” Painting-a-Day No. 7 (and almost 8) – using my brushes to make things happen

Moondrift: Landscape Painting A Day by Emily Jeffords

Hello!  Yesterday I painted my little fingers off.  I was on a roll and my girls were being sooo good (they come with me to the studio everyday)…  so I just kept painting!  I could present two paintings to you today, because I completed two.  But the second one just isn’t sitting well with me.   So…  I’m going to dabble with it a bit more today and, hopefully, have TWO paintings for you tomorrow!  Deal?

So today, I give you “Moondrift,” a painting I am in love with!  It is full of lush, moody blues and teals. There is so much movement and motion, yet, a lovely sense of calm in this painting.  The sky is flowing and sweeping and maybe just a bit stormy, with a dark and tranquil waters.

I’m learning so much about painting and nature by doing these paintings (I just love learning.  It makes me feel young and fresh.)  Did you know that painting “pure blue” looks ridiculous when painting skies?  Now you know.  Even though this landscape appears “blue” it is really a compilation of about 20 shades of blue, yellow, teal, brown, white, cream, gray, black, purple…  Goodness.  Nature is so high maintenance (but so very beautiful).

Moondrift: Landscape Painting A Day by Emily Jeffords

Moondrift: Landscape Painting A Day by Emily Jeffordsnewhome

You can find “Moondrift”  in my studio shop for $100

16×20 inch original oil painting on canvas.

PS. While you ready this I just might be shooting a little “B reel” and a video interview for the Indie Craft Parade (one of my very favorite organizations).  Eeek!  I can’t wait to share it with you guys!



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