Wandering the Summerlands: Painting a Day No. 6

Wandering the Summerlands: painting a day landscaple by Emily JeffordsHello!
This painting feels like a breath of fresh sunshine filled air. “Wandering the Summerlands” lights up the space around it effortlessly, creating a beautifully refreshing scene in any home and in any room. It was a pleasure to create and I am so pleased with the way it turned out!
> > > [random side note] have you thought about putting an oil painting in your bathroom? Artwork behind glass is kind of a no-no in a steamy bathroom as the glass traps too much moisture – so an oil or acrylic painting is the perfect (slightly extravagant and charming) alternative. An oil painting in a bathroom reminds me of chandelier in the pantry – it’s the little luxuries that make your home YOUR home.

Wandering the Summerlands: painting a day landscaple by Emily Jeffords

Sometimes I feel a little inadequate while I paint – I mean, the subject matter that I’m painting is pretty much perfect in “real life” without any artists “interpretation”, but that’s just it. As an artist I have the very beautiful and unique ability to allow you to see the world through my eyes and hands. Whenever I catch myself feeling like I’m wasting my time (just to snap a photograph an call it a day) I like to think of this. Being an artist is a privilege. My collectors are allowing my eyes and viewpoint into their home to be enjoyed and readily seen. That’s not something I take lightly. Thank you all.

“Wandering the Summerlands” is a 16×20 inch oil painting on canvas. It is lush and really draws the viewer in with the lovely texture, the simplicity, and the vibrant piece in this scene.

> > This landscape is available in my shop for $100! < <

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