“Summer Winds” Painting-A-Day Landscape No. 4

"Summer Winds" Painting-a-day by Emily Jeffords  |  16x20 oil painting $100

Oh you guys…  this painting and I have some history.  It’s messy.  It’s real messy.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the “progression” of this painting.  Really, it was more like I painted, wiped, and repainted it three times.  This pretty gal is high maintenance – but completely worth it.

I’ve painted a fair-share of paintings in my day (this isn’t my first painting-a-day project, you know) and when a painting is heading in the right direction I just know and it all falls into place rather effortlessly.  But not this pretty lady…  The sky, I labored over.  Colorful clouds are tricky to paint gracefully.  Originally, I was going to paint a dark, moody foreground.  And I did.  twice.  But each time – even with the “improvements” it felt heavy and oppressive – not at all romantic or moody as I envisioned it.   I realized (at 4:00pm yesterday) that what I really wanted was a bright, fresh, joyful scene.

So, there you have it.  45 minutes before I have to leave: wipe, mix, spread, brush, brush, brush, done – photograph.  It really was that fast.   And I was instantly satisfied and crazy in love with this painting.

Summer Winds is warm and exuberant, romantic and inviting.  I love the poetic sky and the playful colors.  Really guys, I’m going to be so happy to send this painting to someone.  I want it to be loved.

Find Summer Winds in my shop
16×20 inch oil painting on canvas |  $100

"Summer Winds" Painting-a-day by Emily Jeffords  |  16x20 oil painting $100

"Summer Winds" Painting-a-day by Emily Jeffords  |  16x20 oil painting $100

This weekend I’ll be relaxing in Charleston with my little girls while my husband has his monthly duty weekend with the Air Force.  I’m so very glad he’s stationed there!  What better place to be forced to visit once a month?  I really liked living in Charleston last year – but I LOVE getting to visit and actually just enjoy the city.  I know the ins-and-outs, where to go, what to do, the secret back roads, the cool little shops, the secret beaches, and the places you MUST eat at while there.  It’s now purely enjoyable and I really love that.
I’ll be “instagraming” my way around the city if you’d like to follow along!  @BeautifulHelloBlog

I’ll be back in the studio on Monday with a new painting on Tuesday!  See you then!



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