“December is Far” Painting-A-Day Landscape No. 2


Hello!  Thank you again for the continued support and art-love!  You guys are so wonderful.  We are one day closer to our new home, and my studio is getting a little messier every day.  Tiny, colorful smudges are beautiful, right?  If you missed the post that began this project please take a moment to check it out!

I love summer nights, just before a storm.  There is so much energy and so much drama building up above us.  And those envelopingly-warm moments make it feel as if, maybe, just maybe, winter will never come.

We have had an absurd amount of rain in South Carolina.  We’re talking record breaking rainfall (I know, because I’m getting old and I watch the weather channel sometimes.)  Even though rainy days have been more common than sunny ones as of late, these intensely beautiful skies continue to amaze me with their muted pallet and impressionistic cloud formations.  Beautiful.


December is Far: Painting a Day Oil Landscape by Emily Jeffords

This is painting #2 in my painting-a-day project.  “December Is Far” is a 12×24 inch oil painting on canvas and is listed in my shop for $100.  This painting is both vibrant and neutral, light and dark.  It will coordinate beautifully with almost every decor and will make a beautiful impact on any room.  
Use the code “EJStudio” if you would like to pick up this painting from my studio in Greenville, SC.

Check back tomorrow for tomorrow for painting No.3 at 12:00pm EST. 

Click [here] to head over to my shop



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