Painting a day: #1 “Sundown”

Sundown: Oil Painting by Emily Jeffords


Oh my word.  You guys.  Thank you all for your incredibly kind, supportive, and excited comments, tweets, emails, facebook posts, text messages, instagram comments in relation to yesterday’s blog post…  I probably got 100 kind messages and each and every one of them means SO much to me.  You all are fantastic.

The first of several painting-a-day landscapes is complete and is now in my shop! 

“Sundown” 16×20 oil on canvas ($100)
If you would like to arrange a time to pick up your painting at my studio in Greenville, SC just use “EJStudio” to get free shipping

This is a beautiful, lush oil landscape painting full of quietness and depth.  I love the still that comes over the world at dusk.  The balance between light and dark is so delicate and powerful.


I spent yesterday in my studio with my little girls, just painting away (they paint in watercolor – not oil) and I felt more at peace then I have in a while.  Partly because I really love oil painting and completely enjoyed the process, and partly because I just know that God is going to make everything fall into place just the way he wants it to.

Thank you all for your huge support!   I would never be the artist that I am today without your love, support, and encouragement.  Really.  We may never know the full impact of a kind word, but I do know that you mean the world to me!



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