Instagram: #BloggerSpotlight + #GiveMeTheArt (so techie today!)


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Hey everyone!

You know that feeling of energy you can sense when you walk into a room full of people discussing excitedly, or working on intense projects, or creating something beautiful in unison?  That is how my instagram feed feels every day.  It is a beautiful place.  I may 15 minutes, I might only have 30 seconds, but whenever I pop over to my IG feed I leave feeling inspired. My feed is full of people sharing: people who allow others into their lives and show the good, the meaningful, and the true.

These bloggers are some of my very favorite people to follow.  They are genuine and share only goodness  …not fake, or sappy, or overly perfect scenes;  just the good things in life.

Each week I’ll be featuring one of these lovely ladies in my instagram feed and saying sweet things about them and their photos.  I want  you guys to get to know them too because they’re pretty amazing.  Look for the hashtag #bloggerspotlight to keep up with the goodness on Instagram.

Thank you to everyone that participated in my very first Instagram contest!
You guys, I can’t believe how art deprived you are!  ..I’m just kidding, of course.  I completely loved hearing all your comments, pleads, fights with others (really, guys, settle down… ;), and sweet compliments.

And the winners of the #GiveMeTheArt giveaway are:


Congratulations, guys!  Check out the collection below, pick out your collage, and send me an email with your choice.
(if there happens to be a tie, the first email wins)

emily @

Thank you all for participating!  More contests and giveaways coming soon!

collage giveaway on Beautiful Hello Blog


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