Artist Showcase: Teresa Cline – painter of water and sky

Paintings of Teresa Cline | Hello!

I am so, so excited to introduce you to the work of Teresa Cline!  I stumbled across her work on Pinterest months ago and these poetic images have been in my head ever since.
The colors and textures are so warm and welcoming and the subject mater is so perfectly balanced.  I love the way that Teresa uses strong, contrasting tones intentionally: right at the horizon line and to shape the sky.   These paintings are mostly neutral, with beautiful spots of warm, rich color woven into the sky and dancing along the water.

You can see more – much more – of her work on her website and facebook page. 

…and now, I want to both go back to Charleston (I very much miss having easy access to the beach!) and begin oil painting again!  Maybe I will do both!

Have a beautiful Day!

Paintings of Teresa Cline |


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