Inspiration Board: Drawing and Painting with Thread

Embroidery Artwork: Beautiful Hello BlogDaniel Kornrumpf

Ink, paint, pencil, charcoal, photoshop… none of these things intimidate me, but a string and needle? I’m baffled. I feel a little foolish for admitting that. As if, as a creative person, all creative mediums should flow effortlessly from my hands. Ya, no. That’s not the case.

But I admire and respect these works of art even more because they are such a challenge to get my little mind around.

I love the delicate lines and the “drawn” quality in these pieces. They are as priceless and expressive as a drawing, but with added texture and form. Just look at them! The colors are so saturated, the contrast is high, and I have to admit, if they were hanging in a gallery I might just have to sneak a little feel. The textures are amazing!

Embroidery Artwork: Beautiful Hello Blogkimikahara

Embroidery Fine Art: Beautiful Hello

Jazmin Berakha


Thread Sketching Tutorial by Teresa of Sewn Up

I hope these inspire you as much as they have me! Next time I look at a needle and floss, I am going to try to see it differently – as a beautiful, diverse, textural art form.
What about you? Have you ever tried your hand at artistic embroidery? signature


  • Such creativity! That first stitch, the first mark on a piece of paper, a drop of colour on a canvas, the dance, song, every awesome piece of art in whatever form! It comes from within and I love that we can share in it, each with another.


  • Brilliant, I always have the thought at the back of mind to incorporate thread into my paintings – have yet to do it…. but, this is truly inspiring!!


  • Oh, those two by Daniel Kornrumpf are sublime (and what a divine name!)

    This makes me ache to be creative. I’m completely tone deaf when it comes to art, but I think I’ll try a watercolor tomorrow.

    Any tips for a most novice of novices?


    • Good for you! Watercolor is a great place to start because it can look abstract and beautiful so easily. Start with the lightest shades and keep adding layers until you get to the darkest shades. If you want to paint something representational it is helpful to think of your subject as many many shapes and little sections. The paint becomes muddy quickly when blended but it is beautiful when layered, allowing the layers to dry in between. There are so many great YouTube videos on watercolor painting that would be helpful to check out as well.
      Have fun and enjoy the process!



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