20 Things I learned from Alt NYC (and some drop-dead-gorgeous photos)



hello everyone!

I’m back from my trip to NYC and Brooklyn.  my time there was full and busy to say the least.  I feel like my eyes, heart, and mind have had a sumptuous feast.
I attended the Altitude Summit conference, hosted at the Martha Stewart HQ.  My goodness.  Everything about that event was well thought out, informative, and completely beautiful!
We heard from two incredible keynote speakers, Garance Doré and Grace Bonney of Design Sponge as well as several other inspirational people with amazing stories.  I left each session with a full mind and with my creativity soaring!

I won’t share allll of my notes with you (that would be absurd…) but I did notice some common threads in the talks.

Here are the top 20 things I learned from Alt NYC:quote1quote2quote4quote5quote6


7. find out what you love, what you are uniquely gifted in, and go after it.
8. gain as much knowledge and skill as possible.
9. share knowledge freely.
10. live generously, but know your value.
11. build trust and treasure it.
12. don’t be afraid of change.
13, ask people for their story and share your graciously.
14. there are unexpected collaborations and friendships to be found when you are open to them.
15. Be willing to invest in yourself before investing in things.
16. live genuinely and humbly, but expect great things of yourself.
17. Martha Stewart is as lovely in person as on the magazine covers.
18. iPhones are a total life saver for a directionally challenged girl who also forgot her big fat camera at home.
19. the Americano Hotel is unbearably exciting and perfect for indoor camping with new/old friends.
20. think “yes” before you think “no”.  You can do more than you might anticipate.


So, you ask, was the trip to NYC worth it?  With all the hassle, the arrangements, the flights, the money, all of the people affected…?  Yes.  Yes. Yes.  I walked away feeling grateful, excited, inspired, full, happy, and ready to get busy!

July is going to be an exciting place around here!  Get your creative juices flowing, because there are several projects coming up that I think you’re going to totally love – and you can join me in them!

‘Til next time!


PS. I would love to thank Justin Hackworth for being such a rock star photographer and for sharing these photographs so freely with us!  And for Atly, for making it happen!


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