Artist Showcase: Chris Friel, Painting with a Camera

 Chris Friel: Artistic Photographer  |

Well my mind has been sufficiently blown for you day.  These photographs are stunning.  StunningChris Friel is a British painter who picked up a camera in 2006 and never turned back to painting.  The camera is his brush.  And if that’s not amazing enough, Chris is color blind.

I love the way Chris Friel uses layers and the textures of the landscape to create his images.  They are so complex and intriguing.  For a man who can’t see color, his work is rich and well balanced.  There are brilliant moments of intense color beside neutral, quieter scenes.

So, take a moment to refresh your eyes, take in all this beauty, and prepare to see your the scenes around you a little differently.  We live in a beautiful world!

Artist Showcase: Chris Friel, Painting with a Camera |

Artist Showcase: Chris Friel, Painting with a Camera  |

Chris Friel: Artistic Photographer  |

Chris Friel: Artistic Photographer  |


If a poem could have an image, I think many would look like this.  Beautiful, mysterious, and dynamic.  Chris Friel showcases the stunning majesty of creation perfectly.
Well, I suddenly feel like taking my camera outside getting a little creative!  Care to join me?signature


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