DIY Gold Leaf Handbag (because sometimes a boring bag needs a little help)

Gold Leaf on Leather Handbag DIY | Beautiful Hello BlogHey everyone!

Confession time:  I actually didn’t have a “purse”.  I kind of feel like less of a woman for having admitted that!   With two kids I just carry a huge all purpose, mammoth bag that holds everything on earth.  Literally.    It’s big, is cute, it’s super handy, but it’s not really an “Emily” fashion statement.  I really wanted to find a large, stylish, and useful bag for my upcoming NYC trip.  So the hunt began.

Requirements: Large (able to hold my ipad, 400+ business cards, and everything else needed when attending a super stylish blogging conference followed by the Renegade Craft Fair,) minimalistic and well designed (really, I shouldn’t need to explain this one)…  and under $50Ha! Good luck, Emily!

I really wanted a gold triangle on the bag.  Don’t ask my why, it was just in my head and had to become reality.  So I bought a bag at Target for $34, some gold leaf for around $12 and set to it!

Gold Leaf Handbag DIY | Beautiful Hello Blog

Gold Leaf Handbag DIY | Beautiful Hello Blog

Gold Leaf Handbag DIY | Beautiful Hello Blog

Gold Leaf on leather handbag DIY:

1. Tape design to act as your guide
2. apply adhesive – let dry until it’s clear and tacky (15-20 minutes on leather)
3. carefully place the gold leaf – Gold leaf is incredibly delicate, but you can patch holes easily.
4. gently press the gold leaf into the leather.  Gently.
5. remove tape
6. brush off all excess gold flakes
7. seal with 2-3 coats of gold leaf sealer (allow each coat to completely dry in between coats)
8. look like a million bucks & carry your new designer gem wherever you go!

SO EASY!  The whole DIY took about 90 minutes with the waiting times and my constant state of distraction + project hopping.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 
Other ideas I’ve seem floating around pinterest and other design blogs: gold tipped shoes, gilded notebooks, leather + gold triangle necklace, and gold speckled coaster.

Have fun gilding everything you own, now.

Gold Leaf on Leather Handbag DIY | Beautiful Hello Blog



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