“Stars In Their Place: Canis Major” New collage by Emily Jeffords

Stars In Their Place: New collage by Emily JeffordsThis new collage “Stars In Their Place: Canis Major” was created over the course of several days which is a little unusual for me.  Generally, I have a theme or message in mind, I pick out the wood, conceptualize the composition on the wood, work out the unique details, and set to work – often finishing the piece within the day.   This one took a little longer (like, a week!) because of time, a few hiccups with the process, and the gold leaf (which I LOVE).

Stars In Their Place: New collage by Emily Jeffords

I have always been in awe of the stars and the dazzling constellations.  They are so beautiful, so powerful, so explosive, and yet, they are held in place and kept in order so we can admire and be inspired by them.

“Put the Stars in Their Place: Canis Major”  I love the gold leaf incorporating into this collage.  The royal blue accents are so regal and graphic, as is the golden/yellow floral design.  I really love way “Stars in their Place: Canis Major” came together.  The wood it is based on is super thick and rugged.  The cut is a little tilted on one side because of the rustic, aged edge of the wood.  This collage measures around 9×11 inches.

Stars In Their Place: New collage by Emily Jeffords

I have been centering many of my collages around the concept of time and the vastness of space as it relates to individual people and to God.   Our understanding of time and space and the greatness of our universe (not to mention what is beyond “our universe”) is so incredibly limited.  It’s amazing.   I can’t help by think that God, the one that placed these massive stars and constellations into place, who can see beyond all that we have discovered, chooses to see you and me.  It’s mind-blowing and beautiful.


Have a lovely day!


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