Local Treasure: We Took to the Woods, Greenville, SC

We Took To The Woods, Greenville, SC on Beautiful Hello Blog

We recently moved back to Greenville, SC after being away for a couple years.  This city is so exciting because it is fresh, energized, and everything seems new (especially coming from our last hometown: super old, historic Charleston!).
We Took to the Woods is nestled in a quiet corner of downtown Greenville, and stands is such refreshing contrast to the city.  This lovely shop embraces the old, the worn, the unique, and the things worth treasuring.

We Took To The Woods, Greenville, SC on Beautiful Hello Blog

5 things I love about We Took To The Woods

1. Stunning antique stemware (silver topped, super delicate, completely lovely)

2. Wood.  They love wood.  They design with wood.  And it’s wonderful.

3. Beautiful unexpected letterpress & typography designs intertwined with the priceless antiques.

4. The best smelling candles on earth.

5. Love of nature.  Beautiful deer sculptures, floral arrangements, twigs, vines, vases overflowing…  They inspire customers to bring the outdoors in.

We Took To The Woods, Greenville, SC on Beautiful Hello Blog

So, if you’re ever find yourself in lovely Greenville, South Carolina, be sure to stop into We Took To The Woods.  You’ll find yourself getting lost, forgetting about time, and walking away (treasures in hand) completely inspired.

Visit We Took To The Woods   online, and on their Facebook and Instagram pages (total eye candy)!

See you next week!  Have a beautiful weekend!



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