Art at Work: Do things that almost terrify you

Art at Work: Taking Risks to Live You Dream (Beautiful Hello Blog)

I kind of feel like this is my motto right now.  Life can be exciting and terrifyingly adventurous – if you let it.  My husband and I are taking this concept pretty seriously.  We are in a bit of leap-of-faith these days with my growing business and my husbands job and training situation.  But that’s when things get exciting!  Taking risks gives you the chance to amaze yourself. 

There is always that crucial moment before you jump when things are crazy scary, and yet, you have to do it.  You just do.  It would be like killing a dream to not jump.  (please note, I do not have any sort of affinity for jumping off anything high than 2 feet….  but you’re smart, so you get the mental image.)

Step one, dream.  I mean really.  What do you want to do with your life?  What are your unique skills and talents?  Are you happy doing what you’re doing today?

Step two, plan.  You can’t (usually) go all crazy, throw caution to the wind, and potentially train wreck your life.   Think things through.  Take baby steps.  Don’t get ahead of yourself!  The planning stage is the most crucial and foundational (my husband tells me this all the time…)!

Step three, dive in!  This is where it get’s exciting and terrifying because while you might spend your days doing what you love, eventually you are going to have to push yourself and take a few risks in order to grow.   It’s scary to step outside of your comfort zone, but when you do, it’s awesome.  It gives you a chance to amaze yourself. 


Two thing coming up that almost terrify me: AltNYC and the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair.  I know in my head that these events shouldn’t scary me a bit, but they do!  You NYC natives, stop laughing at me!   I’ve never attended a conference quite as huge as Alt (it’s being held at the Martha Stewart Headquarters for crying out loud!) and certainly not one in Manhattan.   And I’ve only done local and regional art and craft shows surrounded by friends and family who carry heavy things for me and help me work through all the details and issues that always come up.  There are so many details to work out for each and so much to prepare and create!  These two events (happening the same week!)almost terrify me, but I know I need them.  They are exactly the growth that I need and that my business needs.   It’s going to be great.

Renegade Craft Fair + Emily Jeffords

What things are on your personal or professional bucket list that almost teriffy you?  Do you have any tips for taking the jump to do something scary?

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