Landscape + Furniture Design: Annie Koelle + Barb Blair


Hey y’all!

Tell me, would you have thought of painting a landscape painting on a beautiful old piece of furniture?  Because I don’t think that would ever have crossed my mind and I’m a landscape painter!   This lovely piece (her name is  Helianthus) is the collaboration of Barb Blair and Annie Koelle, and it is ah-mazing.  This is one piece of furniture that will be cherished and cared for by many generations.

Annie Koelle is a landscape painter (see an interview I did with her here) and Barb Blair (lady behind Knack Studio) creates the most lovely treasures out of otherwise drab pieces of furniture.    Both these ladies live and work in Greenville, SC and have a passion for making something beautiful and enchanting out of the unexpected.


So tell me, where would you put this lovely lady?  And would you put any other furniture in that room or would you just sit on the floor and stare at it forever?  I’m undecided….  ; )

Helianthus is available in the Knack shop for $900!  Someone needs to snatch up this baby quickly!  Barb also has a new book coming out, Furniture Makeovers, detailing (beautifully) some of her techniques and inspiration.


Have a beautiful weekend everyone!  I hope you feel inspired to take something old and make it beautifully “new”.



  • I love these pieces of furniture and I would leave them by themselves in a room and stare at them all day! 🙂 It’s beautiful, I am considering updating two plain IKEA white dressers to give them a new life in our house; I won’t paint a landscape because I can’t but I might add some colour to it! Thank you for the inspiration Emily! 🙂


  • I absolutelly adore these pieces. I’m a big thrift store junkie….opting to have vintage pieces in my home, rahter than mass produced pieces. I’ll be thinking of this post when I go to re-purpose a couple chairs that have been sitting in my garage forever! xo


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