Put a stamp on it: Branding simplified


Brand Identity for Cornelia and Co. (using a stamp effectively) designed by Oriol Gil


Did anyone else go through the “crafty” put-a-stamp-on-everything phase a few years ago (Ok, like 10 years ago)?  It was fun, but, let’s be honest, stamps were kind of uncreative and a bit tacky.   Not anymore!  Check out these stunning examples for some major stamp (and brand identity) inspiration.

As you may remember, I just got a beautiful new custom stamp with my logo and info on it…  and now, I kind of want to get 100 more custom stamps created!  They’re such fun, simple, and can look so professional!   lab_cards_05

Pretty awesome business cards designed by Joel Felix seen on FPO


The Vic stationery design as seen on Lovely Stationery by Australia’s Seesaw Design


Branding from Visual Identity

  I am working on the brand identity for my new line of necklaces and I think you will certainly see a few stamps through the design.  I love the unexpected, handmade style they give to design projects.

What about you?  Do you use stamps in your business or on your personal letters?


Branding created by Pavel Emelyanov as seen on Mr-Cup.com






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