The Paris Market: Valentines Day edition



I’m switching things up today…  Yesterday I said I would post about the Makers Summit today, but that will happen tomorrow instead.  Today is all about LOVE…

When you can’t go to the city of love, you can at least go to the Paris Market in Savannah, GA, which kind of feels like all the loveliness of pairs under one roof.  We stopped by Savannah on our way from Boca Raton, FL to Charleston, just so we could stop by this dreamy shop.

I love feeling like I’m discovering something precious and amazing as I shop.  I never visit the Paris Market with an actual item in mind, more of an idea of what I want to find.  ParisMarket2 ParisMarket3

The day after we visit the shop they added a huge bundle of flowers, just perfect for Valentines day giving (guys, listen up)!   So if you live near Savannah, be sure to stop by today! If you don’t like in Savannah, start planning a trip very soon!  It’s worth the time and effort to spend a few days in this lovely, warm, historical city.

Check back tomorrow for the recap of the Makers Summit!



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