Thank You and A Sneak Peek



If you follow my on any social media you probably know that we just took a trip to Florida for my grandfather’s funeral and to celebrate his life.  It was a beautiful time with family and friends all around and many happy memories of a life spent loving and serving.  I know we’ll see my Papa again and that he is jumping for joy right now, completely free of any suffering or pain.  That’s something well worth smiling about!

Thank you all for your tremendous outpouring of love and encouragement over the past week.

Before we left for Florida (which, btw, is quite warm and sunny!) I attended The Makers Summit (a full recap on that amazing event coming tomorrow) and was inspired to put together a beautifully designed line of fine art necklaces.  You’ve seen these little ladies in my online shop before (I’m kind of obsessed with making.wearing them) but now you will, hopefully, be able to see them in person at a shop near you very soon!  This new collection will feature warm neutrals, shiny golds and silvers, bold contrast, and tasteful pops of blue and green.  I’m just a bit excited (if you can’t tell)…


You can help!  If you have a shop recommendation, send it my way!  I’m looking for stores and boutiques that are local gems and appreciate handcrafted, beautiful things.

…I also got a new stamp and went a tad crazy branding everything with my logo.  Custom stamp, quite affordable and well made, from Simon’s Stamps.  Not the prettiest or user friendly website (just bein’ honest!) but they were super fast and I’m in love with seeing my logo everywhere.




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