Let’s get some oversized art in here!

OversizedArt1(1) (2)

Four reasons you need a huge piece of artwork in your space:
1. Impact.  I mean, that’s so obvious, but true!  Talk about creating an intentional, well designed space!
2. Play your cards right and it can save you moocho moolah.
3. Make your small space seem larger (grander and bold doesn’t just happen in mansions) and, make your large space feel more cozy.
4. You can do this yourself.  Seriously.  I heard one of my art professor say that if you can’t make it perfect make it big!  I was so revealed to hear that.  I can paint big!  They make giant brushes and cans of paint!  We are good to go, folks.   OversizedArt2

(3) (4)

So you want to paint your own giant masterpiece?  First, some things to think about…

paint options:
-Oil ($$$) Of course, the good stuff costs the most.  Oil is enduring, luxurious, and my favorite.  You will need a canvas or board primed with gesso.
-Acrylic ($$-$) Professional acrylic paint is preferred as it lasts for a long time and doesn’t flake or fade as easily as cheaper paint. However, if you’re not really invested in this painting you can use paint found at home depot.  For real. I mean, don’t tell any real artist you’re doing this, but you can.  Our secret.   You can paint on canvas, wood, or paper.
-Watercolor ($$-$) watercolor paints go a looooooong way.  You could paint a whole room with one tiny tube, so it just comes down to how many colors you need.  You can also use India ink and create a stunning B/W masterpiece.   Paint on quality watercolor paper.

What to paint?

-Work from a photograph or from life.
Don’t be to hard on yourself!  You’re probably not going to achieve photo-realism (I’ve never even gotten close!)
-Focus on a simple, bold, modern composition.
Research modern art and go with the “less is more” approach.  You’re not hanging this in a gallery.  No art snobs are going to see it.  Create a composition you enjoy and just go with it!
-paint from your head
I rarely do this because it is much harder than it sounds, but when I do and it works, I love it.
– let the paint do it’s “thing”.
Watercolor + water + salt  |  oil + linseed oil + mineral spirits  |  Acrylic + water

If you have any questions at all, just ask in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap!



  • Oh! I would love to try this! We have an entire white blank wall in our master bedroom but too scared to try it! And I’m sure it wouldn’t look anything like the pics you showed us 🙂 but definitely would love to try it! 🙂


  • I love this post! I have been thinking of doing this for a while but just haven’t decided what I want. I need ideas to come to me, if I force them they never turn out as well!



    • That is sooo true. I have the hardest time working with little to no inspiration. however, I’ve noticed that when I sit down and try to become inspired I do! Get a cup of coffee and snuggle up on the couch with a good design magazine.


  • I have to admit — I have tried this several times and it never quite looks right! But I’m going to give it another try with some of your tips! Oh, love the clear chairs..


  • Awesome idea, my question would be where do you find such large canvas how do you hang it ? And how much would this all cost? Acrylic or oils is another question. Get blog love your posts very artsy.


    • Hey!
      You can find canvases at most craft and at all art stores. The wonderful thing about canvases is you don’t really need a frame for it, and they’re not very heavy. On large canvases, there is usually a wooden bar support system you can use to hang it (two nails will do the trick!) If not, then two “eyelet” screws and framing wire (you can find these at a general merchandise store like walmart, craft/art stores, or a hardware store)

      As for costs: A Canvas can cost between $20-$100 depending on the size and the promotions the store has running. It seems like canvases are on sale every other week!
      Oil paints are around $6-8 a tube. Unless you are doing a single color painting (white + one color) it can get a little pricy. However, they are very easy to work with, feel like silk to paint, and last a very, very long time.
      Acrylic paint is far cheaper. You can get craft paint for around $1 per color. It is also easy to paint with, you can use just water to thin he paint, and it is easy to paint over mistakes. This is where most beginners start/ It’s a good way to become familiar with painting.

      I’m sorry this is SO long! I hope it helps. If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

      Emily Jeffords


  • I have a really big wall space and the canvases that I’ve seen at the craft stores just don’t cut it – do you have a recommended source on where to look


    • Just posted a thought of painting over those ikea paintings that are oversized. . But don’t know what steps needed to make it permanent


  • I’m a bit late to the party….. but I had a thought…what if I could get by with painting over another uhmmm painting/art????. .. like one of the huge ikea paintings. .. you know the oversized ones in black and white with something highlighted in red and all framed up in chrome? ….That’s half the battle right? It’s very big and already framed… but I wonder .. What steps would I need to take to make it permanent (more or less) I know I need to tape off the chrome frame but is there something I need to to b4 hand, like sand it .. to get the finish off or maybe paint it with a chalkpaint or primer so new paint sticks???


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