Woodpiles + Goodbyes: Photos from my grandparents farm



Another lovely event that happened during our trip to Ohio was visiting my grandparents beautiful farm.  This place holds so many fun and happy memories for our family.  I remember playing in the “summer kitchen” and barns as a small girl, playing board games inside by the fire with my grandparents, dressing up in vintage clothes in the attic with my cousins, and the many large meals we had with our huge family all together, talking and laughing.  Such a happy place.

My grandparents are moving to a new home in a few months and I’m SO excited for them.  I’m not one to linger in places to long.  We lived in several counties growing up and, now, my husband’s Air Force career keeps us hopping.    I think that moving is one of the most refreshing changes you can make so I’m very excited for my grandparents!  I know they’re going to make their new home just as inviting and enjoyable as this one has been.

But you can see why it’s going to be hard to leave…  just look at that place!  I didn’t even include photos of the pre-cival war brick home (which is AMAZING.)

My grandfather is a woodworker and very generously gave me a mountain of wood.  This wood is stunning and I can’t wait to start creating more collages.  Stay tuned!

Happy Wednesday everyone!



  • I think I’m sadder than you Em! The minute I saw that barn pic on your instagram, I was in love! I can imagine all the great memories you guys must have experienced. But that pile of wood is amazing! Cheers to change and fond memories =)


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