Live a quiet life and work with you hands


I stumbled across this beautiful typography poster ($60) by the amazing Dana Tanamachi on Pinterest (I do love Pinterest!) and the saying struck a cord with me.  This is exactly what I aim for in my life.  My goal is to be a good wife, mother, and friend first.  Second, to be the best artist, designer, and blogger I can be.
There are few things as wonderful as looking at your work, something you created, invented, or dreamed up, and being satisfied with it.  It’s beautiful!  I want my life to be full of such moments.   I have to remember that a “success” is also made out of many, many failures and errors.  It’s an adventure, and the hard times and failures only make the good moments better.
So keep on working with your hands (or whatever you’re passionate about!)  Trial and error only brings greater success.

On a totally different note:  if you’re near Columbia, SC this weekend, come and see me at the Crafty Feast tomorrow!  It’s going to be such a handmade holiday party!   Follow me on Instagram to get a little of the behind-the-scenes.  It’ going to be a fun day.

Don’t forget to order your gift tags!
The tags are free!  Just pay $1.30 for shipping, and BAM! Instant gift wrapping success.
All orders need to be places by Dec 17th to be received by Christmas!
And we all know, artwork makes the BEST Christmas gift!



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