The Fine Art of Keeping a Journal: Beyond writing

Journals-Beautiful-Hello-BlogSo many people keep journals.  I used to.  I filled it with streams of thought and ideas…  they are a beautiful way to sort out ideas and document special events.  Most people use a simple pen and the written word, and then there are these people.  My goodness.  These artist transform journalism into a beautiful expression of fine art and poetry.

I used to be better at journalling than I am now.   I remember visiting my great-grandmother when she was nearly 90 years old and looking at a scrapbook/journal she kept as a teen.  It was so beautiful!  There were old movie tickets, little stories about her day written in the margin, delicate pressed flowers, black and white photos, brochures for plays and events, lovely bits of lace…  it was like stepping back in time in the most realistic way I could.  I was able to see my grandmother’s life through eyes I could relate to as a young girl.  I am so glad my “GG” took the time and care to create that book and that her book inspired me to create similar journals for my daughters (and maybe theirs?) to look at someday.  I hope the journals I created (although not as beautiful as GG’s) helps my little girls relate to me in a way that an “old mom” can’t easily do.

Here are several journals that go far beyond record keeping.  These are works of art.  I hope they inspire you!


Click on the names to see their websites (and more amazing-ness).
1. Art Journal from Sodalicious |  2. Amanda Johnson |  3.  Sharon Borsavage |  4. Natalie Paige Malik |  5. Andrea Joseph



Have any of your ever taken on a creative sketchbook or journal project? If so, share a link with us in the comments!
Do you find yourself drawing more than writing?  It’s interesting to see the different ways these artists convey their day-to-day thoughts.

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  • I have been keeping a journal since I was seven, although I write in it a lot more now that I have my blog. I suppose that in a way a blog is a type of journal open to the world. My most private thoughts still go in my diary, however. There is a limit to my willingness to open myself up to everyone.


  • I keep a journal too, but only with words because I’m sadly devoid of creative capacities. These journals (especially the one with the jeans!) are inspiring. Thanks for sharing this


  • So beautiful and inspiring… i used to keep journals – with Tarot readings, dreams, drawings, pictures, copied poems and what not, those are indeed an art unto itself… and then i stopped doing it couple of years ago, all turned virtual, letters, journaling – and even friendship 😉


  • In all honesty, I am deeply inspired by this blog post. The sheer quality and “Fine Art” aspect of these scrapbook journals is the kick-starter I need to do the same for my college journal. This is a really good post.


  • What beautiful journals! When I was a freshman in high school one of my resolutions was to start a journal, and I was able to make it a habit 🙂 These journals really inspire me to scrapbook-journal as well.


  • this is wonderful. i just started keeping an art journal and i must say it is a wonderful way to express your thoughts and your sources of inspiration. though i’m new to the blog world, i just put one of mine up! thanks for rounding these up. they’re wonderful examples.


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